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Burgundy gradient napkins

Burgundy gradient napkins

Ombre napkins in my favourite shades, from beige to rusticated rose to deep burgundy. They are 100 % cotton (Sultan Cotton by Hobbii), soft and absorbant, and machine washable for everyday use. These reusable napkins are made from one ball of beautiful ombre cotton, so they progress in colour so that each one is unique. They are extremely durable, casual and rustic - perfect for your daily table setting. Unlike the linen napkins you see in gift shops everywhere, these won't wrinkle or become spotted with grease stains. After washing, lay them flat to dry or drape them over a line, or even the back of a chair - and they will look brand new! Set of 8.

Make your own - download the pattern for free from my designs collection. Making these environmentally friendly napkins is great way to learn the technique of Tunisian crochet. The pattern is free, simple, suitable for beginners, and is fully supported by a video on the Loveapple Crafts Youtube channel.

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