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If you live in the Halifax area, we offer free delivery - select this option at checkout. Otherwise, shipping parcels within and from Canada is pretty expensive, so we can't offer free shipping within the tiny scale of our operation. Batching items together will not increase shipping costs so I recommend it!

We use only upcycled packing materials, so your item will arrive with a hilarious motley crew of outer packaging. We hope you enjoy this.

Packing materials for upcycling
Flat lay of yarn, crochet hooks and stitch markers


If you are unsatisfied with your items in any way, digital or physical, contact us via email (use the contact page or directly at, and we'll refund your purchase. No need to return the item to us. We want everyone happy at all times.


We use a variety of materials at Loveapple. We generally strive for sustainability, but we also want to offer items that are economical, price-wise. Wherever yarns that are organic, locally sourced or especially sustainable are used, this is noted in the product description (and usually reflected in the price tag!). Please contact us with any questions about our materials.

Flat lay of yarn, crochet hooks, stitch markers and scissors
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