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Tunisian crochet reusable napkins pink
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Reusable Napkins

Tunisian crochet

Fingering weight

5mm Tunisian &  3.5mm regular hook

20 stitches / 21 rows per 10 cm (4 in)

Abbreviations: TSS (Tunisian simple stitch), SC (single crochet), HDC (half double crochet), DC (double crochet), St (stitch)

purple end_edited_edited.jpg

These simple stitch napkins are so easy to make and are a great introduction to Tunisian crochet. I recommend a soft, low-sheen, absorbant cotton like Sultan and Sultan Deluxe (Hobbii) or Zauberball cotton by Schoppel. 

Row 1:   With Tunisian crochet hook, Chain 49.

Row 2:   Working into the back bumps, starting in the 2nd bump from the hook, TSS 48. (49 stitches on hook),

Return pass: Yo, pull through 1 st on hook, ֎ Yo, pull through 2 st on hook ֎; repeat from ֎ to ֍ until 1 st remains on hook.

[Work the return pass in this way at the end of every row. The return pass does not count as a row in the counts given below; it is considered the 2nd half of each row.]

Row 3:   Skipping the 1 st vertical bar on the edge, TSS 47, Tunisian final stitch.

Rows 4-49:   Repeat round 3. Finish by working a return pass; 1 stitch remains on hook.


Switch to regular crochet hook. Working into each vertical bar, inserting hook from right to left exactly as you have been doing: ֎ SC 1, HDC 1, DC 1, HDC 1, SC 1, slip stitch 1 ֍; Repeat from ֎ to ֍ until the final stitch; work 3 SC into the final st.

Rotate the work 90 degrees and proceed down the left side, bottom, and right side of the napkin, repeating the same pattern. Work under both loops of the chain that marches along the edges, and work 3 SC into each corner.

Join with slip stitch to the 1st SC of the round once you get back to where you started.

Here is a video that shows you all these techniques in detail. 

Tunisian crochet reusable napkins stacked
Tunisian crochet reusable napkin corner
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