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Tunisian honeycomb dishcloths

Kitchen Honeycombs

Tunisian crochet

Worsted weight

6mm Tunisian hook

16 stitches / 13 rows per 10 cm (4 in)

Abbreviations: TSS (Tunisian simple stitch), TPS (Tunisian purl stitch), St (stitch), TFS (Tunisian final stitch).

These honeycomb dishcloths are easy to make and are a great introduction to Tunisian crochet honeycomb stitch. A worsted, absorbant cotton like Dishie or Estelle Sudz work best. These are pretty, make a great gift and actually make a sturdy, functional dishcloth - up to the challenge of your grossest dishes.

Row 1:   Chain 27.

Row 2:   Working into the back bumps, starting in the 2nd bump from the hook, TSS 26. (27stitches on hook).

Return pass: Yo, pull through 1 st on hook, ֎ Yo, pull through 2 st on hook ֎; repeat from ֎ to ֍ until 1 st remains on hook.

[Work the return pass in this way at the end of every row. The return pass does not count as a row in the counts given below; it is considered the 2nd half of each row.]

Row 3:   Skipping the 1 st vertical bar on the edge in this & all rows, (TSS 1, TPS 1) across, TFS.

Row 4:   (TPS 1, TSS 1) across, TFS. You should always be working a TPS into a TSS stitch and vice versa.

Rows 5-23:   Repeat rounds 3 and 4. Finish by working a return pass; 1 stitch remains on hook.


Chain 8; attach via slip st into the 1st vertical bar on the top right corner of the dishcloth (the vertical bar you usually skip). “Cast off” by working a sl st into each vertical bar across. For a look that matches the bottom better, work the slip stitch purl-wise into the TSS stitches and vice versa. Slip stitch under both loops of the TFS as usual. Cut the yarn, pull through and weave in the ends.

Here is a video that shows you all these techniques in detail. 

Tunisian honeycomb dishcloths with label
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