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The Full Story

We are a family of amateur craft designers, creators, knitters, crocheters and painters. We love the exquisite detail of tiny, intricate handmade things, and want to share the some of what we create with you. We find the lure of colours, textures and materials like soft cotton, wool, and paint to be irresistable, and we hope you enjoy having a look.  

The Loveapple Crafts Youtube channel contains all the videos you will ever need to have success with my patterns, and more. There are tutorials on basic techniques of Tunisian and regular crochet, as well as all of the more complex aspects of my patterns. My Lightning Tutorials are designed to give you the techniques you need with minimal preamble, so you can get right back to doing what you love.

Many of my designs are also available on Ravelry

A note to makers:

My crochet products are all based on my own designs, which are available as downloadable pdfs for purchase, or in some cases, for free! I use a broad range of crochet techniques but I have a particular interest in Tunisian crochet, which is an old technique that has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. I feel it is the perfect construction method for housewares because of the dense, sturdy fabric you can create.  These are not your grandmother's doilies! Working this technique in the round creates graceful curves and presents an opportunity for beautiful contrasting colourwork. Tunisian crochet also gives you a unique opportunity to use those fine, light-weight cotton yarns that have excellent (economical !) yardage, are soft and relaxing to work with, but harder to find a use for. 

We hope you find something here you like. Thank you for visiting our little site!!


Some of us in our family (definitely not all) were gifted with skills in the areas of drawing and painting. Combined with a vivid imagination and affinity for nature and animals, the result is our always cute, sometimes whimsical gift card and gift tag collection, coming soon. 

Examples of our watercolour paintings
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