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My Patterns

These are my crochet designs. There are patterns here in regular crochet as well as my specialty, Tunisian crochet. They appear in order from beginner to more complex. I hope something here gets you hooked.

yellow corner_edited.jpg

Reusable Napkins

This is a beginner pattern for anyone interested in trying out the art of Tunisian crochet for the first time. I love the woven, dense but lightweight effect achieved with Tunisian simple stitch, and a simple edging fancies them up just a bit. Download the pdf for free or parouse the pattern here.

Kitchen Honeycombs

Once you've mastered simple stitch it's time to learn my favourite textured stitch in Tunisian crochet, the honeycomb stitch. This pattern gives you instructions for making either a napkin or a dishcloth. Grab your favourite worsted cotton and download the free pdf for your collection or parouse the pattern here.

Star-edged hand towels, tunisian honeycomb stitch and regular crochet star stitch border

Star-edged Hand Towels

This is an introduction to combining Tunisian with regular crochet. The body of the towel is made with the beautiful textured Tunisian honeycomb stitch, and the border is regular crochet star stitch. Several yarn weights are recommended between light sport and worsted. Choose a soft, absorbant cotton and make this simple towel no matter what your skill level. Check out the video and download the pdf for free.

Linen Stitch and Feathery Placemats

These are 2 relatively simple oval placemats made entirely with regular crochet. Linen stitch is a textured stitch pattern consisting of single crochets and chains - it couldn't be easier. These work best in worsted craft cottons, which are cheap and plentiful. Feather stitch is a cluster stitch that I think looks best in finer cottons (fingering), so it takes longer to work up, but I think the result is beautiful. Check out some finished feathery placemats, or download the pdf for $3 (Canadian).

Linen stitch oval crochet placemats
Feather stitch oval crochet placemats
Oval Tunisian simple stitch crochet placemat

Tunisian Oval Placemats

This is my simplest oval Tunisian placemat, made with Tunisian simple stitch. It is a great way to learn or practice Tunisian crochet in the round, and the pattern is highly customizable to different yarn weights, finished size, and edging options. Download the pdf for free or click here for a photo tutorial.

Linen and ripples oval crochet placemat

Linen & Ripples Placemats

This placemat is made entirely with regular crochet. It combines simple linen stitch with 2 bands of ripples. The ripples are created using long double crochets worked in fan shapes. Anything tricky is demonstrated in this video, including the invisible joins that make the ripples sections seamless. I recommend lighter cottons here, fingering to light sport. Download the pdf for free. 

Honeycomb Placemats

Once you've mastered Tunisian crochet in the round and honeycomb stitch it's time to combine them into this oval placemat. Honeycomb stitch gives you an opportunity to combine two subtly different colours into a beautiful textured fabric. This pattern gives you options for various edgings and is customizable as to the size and yarn weight. Download the free pdf for your collection or parouse the pattern here.

Honeycomb stitch Tunisian oval placemats

Stars & Honeycombs Placemats

This placemat alternates between regular crochet star stitch and Tunisian honeycomb stitch. The result looks a bit like a braided rug with a solid, smooth border. The pattern includes 2 full sets of instructions for lighter (heavy fingering, sport) and heavier (worsted) weights, so you can use whatever cotton you have, or choose based on the finished dimensions you want. Check out the video and  download the pdf for $2 (Canadian!).

Honeycomb and ripples placemats, Tunisian crochet oval placemats

Ripples Placemats

This is my favourite oval placemat, made with Tunisian honeycomb stitch and 2 bands of ripples. The ripples are created using long double crochets worked in fan shapes. Switching between regular and Tunisian crochet in the round is no problem, and demonstrated in this video. I use invisible joins here so that the regular crochet sections are seamless. Any cotton from fingering to sport will work. Download the pdf for just $2 (Canadian!).

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