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Noro felted mittens

Noro felted mittens

These mittens are made with beautiful Noro 100% wool from Japan. This is a luxury yarn and it comes in bold, beautiful colourways. These mitts are all hand knit continuously with self-striping wool, so they are not the same colours - each individual mitten is completely unique. 
The felting process leaves these mitts dense but lightweight, warm, soft, fuzzy, durable, and relatively waterproof.
Size small is meant for women with small-to-medium hands, but would certainly fit teens and some older children. They measure 23.5 cm long from the cuff to tip and 9.5cm wide through the hand. The best test of fit is to measure from the inner base of your thumb to the tip of your longest finger - as long as this is around 11 - 12.5cm, these mitts should fit.

Size medium will fit women with slightly larger hands.

Size large should fit most men. They measure 25cm cuff to tip and 11cm wide.These will fit as long as your fingers aren't longer than 13.5cm from the inner base of your thumb to the tip of your longest finger.

Machine wash, reshape and leave on a flat surface or hang to dry!

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