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100% wool felted mittens

100% wool felted mittens

These mittens are made with 100% wool from Hobbii (Happy Sheep). They are all hand knit and felted by machine washing multiple times, so they are completely machine washable (won't shrink or deform), very warm, and relatively waterproof. Compared to my other felted mittens, this wool felts to a thicker, stiffer fabric, making them great for outdoor play in the snow. The felting process makes these mitts dense but lightweight, soft, fuzzy,  and durable. 

Women's medium should be a generous fit on most women; they measure around 23cm from the cuff to tip and 10cm wide through the hand. You will need this size if the distance from the inner base of your thumb to the tip of your longest finger is greater than 12 cm.

Women's small size will fit most average women as well as teens and older children, and measures around 21-22cm long and 10cm wide. 

Children's large will fit children aged around 10 to 14; they are 20cm from cuff to tip, 8.5cm wide, and 9cm from inner thumb base to tip.

Machine wash these mittens, reshape by putting your hands inside and pulling back into shape, then hang or lay on a flat surface to dry.

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