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photo of beautiful cotton yarns by schoppel and hobbii
At Loveapple we make things slowly by hand.
We believe that makes
things better.
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Learn to Tunisian Crochet

Click on the thumbnail to download a free pattern for a Tunisian crochet dishcloth. It will have you combining the Tunisian simple stitch and purl stitch into a beautiful honeycomb dishcloth in under 45 minutes ! Fully supported by a video on my Youtube channel.

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Oval placemats are my specialty. I use various crochet methods, all of which are available as patterns to download.  Click here to see some finished products.

photo of shipping materials, upcycled

Shipping and Delivery

How We Do It

All packing materials you receive have been up-cycled to avoid waste. Shipping from and within Canada is expensive, so please take note of the shipping costs as you check out (if you are not in my local area - Halifax metro). I recommend batching items together which will not increase shipping costs.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Lighthouse at sunset at Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
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